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Want to Change Payroll Services? Here’s What to Expect…

Want to Change Payroll Services? Here’s What to Expect…

Thinking about changing payroll services? Smaller payroll companies often charge substantially less than their larger, nationally recognized counterparts. The main reason for this discrepency is that the smaller companies do not have the overhead of the larger companies, so they can pass the savings along to clients.


If decide you want to change from a big-name provider to a smaller payroll firm, or if you are starting a business and need payroll services, remember that smaller payroll providers often offer the same services as the larger companies:

  • One time set-up fee, payroll service handles set-up
  • Payroll customer or payroll service enters hours worked and prints paystubs each pay period
  • Payroll service handles all tax payments and tax returns
  • Payroll service offers electronic services for all transactions–direct deposit, tax forms, tax payments, W-2s
  • Payroll service offers ability to pay sub-contractors with direct deposit, then issue and electronically file 1099s at year-end
  • 3-4 week lead time before processing first payroll with new payroll service
  • Lower monthly rates than the big name payroll services


Note that some smaller payroll services have the capacity to pay 1099 contractors with direct deposit, a service not offered by nationally recognized payroll firms.


If you determine that the smaller payroll service will meet your needs, be sure to have the following information available as soon as possible:

1. All previous payroll tax returns for the current year.

2. For each and every employee that has worked for your firm during the payroll year, whether still employed or not:

  • Complete name
  • Last known mailing address
  • Social Security number
  • W-4 (for filing status)
  • Hire date
  • Quarter-to-date earnings and withholdings
  • Year-to-date earnings and withholdings

3. Information about your company:

  • Company type (sole-proprietor, s-corporation, etc.)
  • Company address
  • Date you plan to run the first payroll with the new service
  • Federal employer ID number and state employer ID number
  • Federal filing requirement
  • Tax payment schedule for both Federal and state
  • State tax rates, if applicable
  • Pay schedules (when/how often employees get paid)
  • Vacation and/or sick leave policies
  • Deduction information on any retirement plans and insurance premiums
  • Garnishment information


Enroll in all electronic payroll services the new company offers. Not only do these ensure accurate and timely tax filings and payments, there are usually no additional fees for them, and they are much easier than the old system of paper checks, paper coupons, trips to the bank, and trips to the post office.


The power of the Internet means you don’t need to pick a payroll service in your local area. Both the you and the new service can access payroll data from the convenience of your Internet browsers.


If you are looking to increase your bottom line, a smaller payroll service may be able to help. Shop around and compare.

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