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Diploma Dollars Program

College costs are skyrocketing and practically all students incur some debt in order to cover tuition and other expenses. Many students graduate with a substantial amount of debt, which follows them throughout their early careers (and even later, much later), significantly impacting their financial stability.


A typical $10,000 college loan paid over 20 years will cost $100 per month, and just the interest will be over $12,000. A student graduating with $80,000 in debt will be saddled with payments of at least S800 monthly, and possibly double that, depending on the repayment period.


The Transactiv “Diploma Dollars” Program can provide all the income necessary to repay this debt, and can also help a new graduate get started on his way to financial security.


Students will become agents of Transactiv, and will participate in either a “Direct-Sell” or a “Referral” program, generating fees on a sliding scale depending on the program and the number of accounts. As “Direct Sellers” they will be trained as sales agents, and will be responsible for providing┬áTransactiv with a pre-sold account, ready for set-up. Under the “Referral” program, students will provide Transactiv with qualified leads, allowing Transactiv to present the program to the merchant and close the deal. Commissions will be on a sliding scale, ranging from 10% to 40% of Transactiv revenue, depending on the program, and incentives could increase the payout by 50 percent.


Students could designate their commissions to be used to pay for the college loans, and lenders will be encouraged to provide incentives for students choosing this option. A parallel “Parents Program” could be to let parents fund a 529 Plan, mimicking the “UPromise” model.


If you would like more information on the DIPLOMA DOLLARS Program, please contact us at 1-866-696-2273 or email us at